Some of our work

I was going through some pictures of our work and thought I should put some up on the website.  This is a collage of some of my favorites that really show our range.  These were all done on a six color press before we got into process printing, so all 6 or less spot colors.



The latest

How time flies.  It’s hard to believe that we were a one man show in Greeley four years ago.  Our latest very exciting news is that we have a Denver location!  You can find us at ***D’oh!  We had to close our Denver shop.  Bummer!***.  Our small shop in Lakewood will serve the Denver area with backup from our Fort Collins production facility.  The new Fort Collins production warehouse is east of town and houses two automatic presses and two manual presses.  In order to provide Fort Collins customers with a convenient location, we also have an office at 304 W. Prospect Rd STE B.  Here are details for each;

Six Dog Fort Collins

304 W. Prospect Rd STE B

Fort Collins, CO 80526


We’re automated!


Well obviously I’ve been slacking since starting this blog. The good news is that Six Dog has an awesome new automatic screen printing press! This fine piece of machinery lets us crank out a lot of shirts with consistently high quality. And don’t worry, we still have our two old reliable manual presses that have run tens of thousands of prints in the past few years.BROWN PRESS

Here we are!

We’re finally up and running with a blog.  This blog will coincide with a revised website in the near future, which is all very exciting.  I hope you’ll find our blog posts interesting and informative.  This is a platform that allows us to get a little more technical than some of our Facebook posts, so stay tuned for some good t-shirt related stuff.  If you didn’t find this blog through our website, the full site can be found at